Get People To Like You With This Conversation Trick

Were you done talking? It felt like you were done talking. I’m just going to start talking as if you were done talking. I’ll probably cut off the last few words of your sentence. I don’t want to forget my point, even at the expense of the rest of your point. Were you done because…I don’t care…


It’s incredibly important to let people finish their sentences. Not just because there could be vital information you’re missing by interrupting just to get your comment out into the atmosphere but also because it’s just damn impolite to not let people finish. They’re going to listen to your nonsense, the least you can do it listen to their bullshit.

People like to know that a person is listening because that’s how a conversation work. Do I need to do a post just about how conversations work because DAMN IT, I WILL!

This one simple trick from Dumb Little Man will not only improve every conversation but will likely get people to like you more. I know, “LIKE ME MORE?!? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” Yeah, you’re a real gem, but just try this simple trick to turn even those only lukewarm about you as a person into true fans.

Count out two seconds in your head before you reply to what people say. You will first notice that, often, people were not finished speaking. They merely paused. By waiting two seconds, you allow them to finish their entire thought. Rather than interrupting the other person, you communicate genuine interest and attention to what they are saying. Second, waiting two seconds creates a moment of tension between the end of their thought and your reply. Because most people immediately jump into their reply, in waiting two seconds you communicate confidence and power.

Pro-tip: Don’t count to two out loud or mouth it in silence because both will make people think you’re a little odd.

I’m listening to you. Now I’m waiting two seconds. Now I’m talking. Now you like me better. All because of a conversation. Simple.


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