Musician Builds Piano Entirely Out Of Used Chopsticks

chopsticks piano

You don’t need finely tuned and polished materials to create music—or even instruments, for that matter. One truly talented composer out there decided that the DIY music industry was ready to advance beyond glasses of water and into the territory of…chopsticks.

Musician Sami Elu is taking YouTube by storm with a piano he built entirely out of the very same chopsticks that you use to scarf fried rice and egg rolls on those nights when you are too lazy to cook. Thanks to knowing enough about the centuries-old eating utensil—specifically that wooden chopsticks are far superior to their plastic and steel counterparts—the chopsticks piano creates an incredibly beautiful sound and music. At least under the fingers of Elu, anyway.

The craftsman didn’t just stop with instrument construction. A gifted composer, Elu used his new piano to write fresh music, including a piece entitled “For My People” that he plays on the chopsticks piano.

At least it is far more clever than using the instrument to play the actual “Chopsticks” tune.

Piano Made Of Chopsticks


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