4 Important Things To Remember When Buying A Carry On Backpack

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What should you be looking when purchasing carry on backpacks? There’s a wide range of bag of size, shape, and capacities that you need to know about before you just purchase your next bag.

  • Some of the more interesting things to consider are:
  • How easy is it for me to get through TSA with this?
  • Do I have an easy way of accessing my laptop?
  • How many pockets do I have for easy access & organization?

Here are some things to remember when purchasing your next carry on backpack.


Typically you’re going to find that your bag will need to be in dimensions of 20-22’’x 14-17’’ x 8-10’’. You’ll also find a few options that allow you to expand your bag into larger compartments but it’s always important to keep a solid main compartment with a higher quality bag vs. having options to change size.


Boarding a plane you might see people trying to shove a larger bag into the overhead bin than can fit. That could be the size of it or it could also be the shape. Some of these bags are not built to be carry on backpacks and that causes issues for people that just assume the bag will fit no matter what it looks like. Always keep this in mind when you’re looking to use it for overhead bin space.


Most bags are measured in Liters they are capable of carrying. Some of the best carry on backpacks will have the capacity of holding up to 45L but that doesn’t make it the best! It’s important to think about how much space you’ll really need when you’re flying but a great size will be at least 40L.

Rolling vs. Straps

Some people may prefer to look for a rolling carry on backpack but remember those wheels and handles take up space that could otherwise be used for your gear. If you’re more concerned with not actually carrying your backpack, then it would be wise to consider one that rolls with you.

Come check out some of the best carry on backpacks and make a decision for yourself on what the best option might be for your next adventure.

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