How To Read A Woman’s Body Language

how to read body language

In this video, Casually Explained goes over the physical cues and body language that indicate that someone is into you, so you know, because “Knowing is half the battle!” I think I remember that from an episode of G.I. Joe, or The Transformers.

Anyhow, when talking to women they are interested in, single guys need to know that noticing a woman’s body language is a huge, huge help with communication.

I agree with this video’s premise, because I’ve been there myself. When I was younger and single, I used to arrogantly dismiss women’s body language. I paid attention to pretty much what they were saying, not really to what they were showing me. I’m betting this has happened to many of you single lads out there. I had to learn to look at the visual cues that women gave, just as much as the verbal cues. In some instances, the visual, physical hints are way more important than the words that come out of a woman’s mouth.

This video, from Casually Explained, has a funny, casual take on the subject. I recommend watching it…for a good laugh, and great information. The checklist is a riot, too.

How To Read Body Language

The key takeaways to remember…

1. The First Encounter — keep in mind eye contact and proximity
2. Building a Rapport — Be mindful of physical contact, posture, gesturing and personal space.
3. Don’t screw it up — there are plenty of ways, try to avoid them all.

[via Casually Explained]

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