Birds Of Prey Bicycle

birds of prey bike

I’m all about getting the best possible workout but there is a certain point where the effort to look good isn’t as important as the effort to not look ridiculous while exercising. The Birds of Prey bike is supposedly an intense workout but looks absolutely bonkers.

Inspired by this cyclist, the Birds of Prey aluminum bicycle positions riders like a bird in flight. The design improves aerodynamics by reducing drag and increases the amount of power a rider can produce.

The makers of the Birds of Prey bike list several other reasons why a rider would want to go “Superman” while biking, including the aerodynamics, the low center of gravity, the aggressive gearing and the comfort of riding a bike like you’re going head-first down a waterslide. They even claim it’s safer than regular bikes.

The Bird of Prey stops fast. The body is low and close to the center of the front wheel. The rider will not go over the handlebars in a panic stop. I have flipped over the handlebars on my sit-down bike many dangerous and life threatening times. This can’t happen on a Bird of Prey. In a panic stop the rider will simply stop and not flip over the handlebars. The Bird of Prey will stop in a shorter distance than a sit-down bike. If everyone rode a Bird of Prey accidents from going over the handlebars would cease saving serious injuries and death. I designed the bike for this reason.

And of course, the most ridiculous thing about the Birds of Prey? The price tag. Only $4,200.

birds of prey bike


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